the first band portrait i took was of the now defunct band godboy in 1997 when i moved to boston. we shot in the alley behind my dorm in allston and then in the basement with a bunch of rented gear that i didn't really know how to use. now it's almost 10 years later, hundreds of bands later, and i still get nervous before some assignments.

yesterday i had a shoot with catie curtis for her upcoming album. i think i've been nervous about this shoot for days and i'm not really sure why. this is probably the 4th time i've photographed her so it's not that hesitation if we'll click while shooting or anything. maybe i was nervous because i've been pretty happy with the portraits i've been doing lately, and maybe i think my luck will run out. i'm not sure why i'm always convinced it's luck and not talent.

anyway, we shot at hi-n-dry in cambridge and spent hours laughing and then doing some serious shooting and then laughing again. of course, this type of shooting is hard when the image we are trying to create is more on the serious side and the smiles keep popping up...

here's an outtake from the shoot...after all the nerves, i'm happy with the results.