kay..and a small hype about rock 'n' roll parents

last night at kay hanley's show at TTs *everybody* had a camera, or a camera phone. it's getting harder to shoot clubs and get to the front for 'the shot' because everyone is trying to get that shot. but... hey... this is my job!

so, i used to stake out the front for the shots...standing through all the opening bands and waiting and waiting for the show to start. now i push my way through when the band starts and assure the front row fans that i won't stay there the whole show i move around the club the entire show (which is hard when it's as packed as it was last night.

'are you even a fan?' a girl asked. um, yes. (and even if i wasn't, i would still get in front of you for a shot for one or two songs). i need to start wearing my press credentials around my neck. but that's so tacky.

but yes. i am a fan. i love kay. which brings me to my upcoming exhibit that might need some hype soon. on august 25th at patti hudson's art market gallery in JP there will be a reception (PARTY!) for my exhibit "rock 'n' roll parents: part 2" which features kay, mike usa and kids (among other rockin' families). more about the exhibit later... for now...here are shots from last night's show...