First post from the new site and digs...

There is excitement in the air at 86 Joy Street. Oh, did you know that I share a studio with Dave Green of Dave Green Photography now? We have pooled all of our lights and stands and softboxes and umbrellas and set up two desks side by side and enjoy the bright sun in unit 21 where we work and create and edit and share and collaborate and not-collaborate. It’s a fun time. You should stop by and say hi.

One great thing that came out of this new work environment is that we inspire each other. So, we have both been inspired to revamp our old websites and so we did. Here’s to the launch! ::cheers:: New website, which you're actually in now!!! (Same name. New design. Tastes great. Less filling).

So, that’s not the only excitement….. Have you heard of Socotra? (Google it. You’ll be glad you did!) My amazing husband Matt and I are going to meet the uber-talented Myke Weiskopf in Dubai next week where we will all head to Socotra together to spend 10 days exploring, camping, and recording/photographing the indigineous music/culture of the island. You can follow the adventure on our blog: or through facebook: … or wait until we’re back at the end of March and more is announced! (I’m thinking a book/exhibit tour…..  stay tuned!)