2 cute rockin' chicks: melissa ferrick and emily grogan

this week i had two great assignments. the phoenix music cover of melissa ferrick and press shots for emily grogan.

i went to melissa's house in newburyport. i thought it was my first time there until i passed a storefront that i was sure i had been before. yes! that's where i met up with tigersaw for a shoot for the phoenix last winter. oh how time flies (and poor my memory is!)

the day after my shoot with melissa in newburyport, i headed to sharon for my shoot with emily.

i've photographed emily a few times. once on my rooftop for the noise centerfold. then at her house for my rock & roll parents exhibit with her two daughers. and at a farm somewhere outside the city for the Angeline press shots (her band with Linda Viens).

this shoot, for her new album press shots, was fun. dtjb was my official flash bitch. there was great light all over the house. the only thing we tried that didn't work was the bathtub shots. but... that's okay. (i think a pool would work better for what we were going for!) there were kids running all over the place... playing outside, videotaping themselves making funny faces and emily getting her makeup done. emily's parents were making grilled cheese sandwiches. it was such a great relaxing family gathering (with a photo shoot thrown in the middle of it).